Carly Burk

I am born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I first stared learning about creativity was grade 1. My art teacher saw my creative talents and started fostering them all those years ago. Throughout school I was blessed with some of the very best art teaches, I learnt valuable techniques and creativity. I studied a BA in Creative Brand Communication specialising in Graphic Design at aaa School of Advertising. On top of learning design, art direction, and how to conceptualize. I learnt the adobe creative suit, photography, art and design history, the principles of design, html coding, marketing including digital marketing.

After varsity I co-founded a digital agency called Melted Banana where we focused on game design for IOS as well as websites. I was responsible for designing and coding, I worked with WordPress for the websites and Gamesalad for the applications. I later left the company for personal reasons and have been freelancing graphic design and web development ever since (some years more then others). While freelancing I kept busy also moving in the fine art space, I set up a studio in Sandton, Johannesburg, joined Figures and Forms, as well as the Miniature Art Society. I have participated in many exhibitions including the Rotary Arts Festival in Hyde Park and Rosebank, Joburg Fringe exhibition, participated in the Assembalege mentorship program, the Miniature Art exhibition in Hyde Park, a solo exhibition at Gallery 57 in Parkhurst, and the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery.

After completing my BA in Creative Brand Communication specializing in Graphic Design, I co-founded Melted Banana, a digital agency, mainly focusing on developing mobile games for IOS, as well as graphic design and website development.

In 2018 I become a certified yoga teacher, and eventually specialised as a yoga therapist, started another company (this time on my own, a girl learns) called Maitra Health and Wellness. We focus on private yoga classes and corporate yoga classes. I delved into wellness space studying trauma informed yoga, NLP, EFT tapping, a year of psychology at Wits, therapeutic hypnotherapy and a 200hr course in mindfulness. I have been moving in these 3 spaces of design, art, and yoga/wellness ever since.

I have always felt a draw towards UX design and know that my rich history built the perfect foundation for understanding the interaction of humans and design. I am always open to pushing my limits and exploring new things.

Influences and Inspiration

I am influenced by my graphic design studies, especially with my linework, the array of forms and expressions lines can make. I also gain inspiration from the human form. An intricate design where every organ works in integration and harmony. Soft but powerful. Vulnerable yet resilient. We are a part of nature and at the same time see ourselves as apart from it.

I love playing with different techniques and mediums favoring charcoal and graphite drawings.